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What Tests Are There To Find The Reason For Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems In Men?

August 23rd, 2016 No comments

thyroid problems in menBefore the symptoms of thyroid problems in men can be treated it first needs to be ascertained exactly what is causing the problem? It can be that the levels are affected by pituitary gland as that is what causes the production of the thyroid hormone. This is checked by taking blood to check the levels to see if they are being over or under produced.

To find out the causes of the symptoms of thyroid problems in men a radioactive iodide uptake test is undertaken. This will check how much iodide is being absorbed by the thyroid gland. This is usually obtained from a normal diet and is utilized by the thyroid.

This is why it is so important to use it to indicate the amount of hormone that is being produced by the gland. This test for the symptoms of thyroid problems in men is undertaken by use of a special instrument to measure the background radioactivity. You will then be asked to take a tablet or liquid containing radioactive iodine and hours later it is checked again and a third time the following day.

If it is proven that your thyroid gland is taking in too much iodine an uptake scan will be taken where a special film is used to find the exact location of the radioactive iodine. This will be used to show whether it has collected in the nodules or the whole thyroid tissues.

If it is the case that nodules are causing the problem you will be periodically checked or may receive aspiration or biopsy treatment for the problem. In rare cases they can become cancerous for which the patient would undergo specialist treatment.

If you have symptoms of thyroid problems in men that are caused by an under-active or overactive thyroid there are different types of medications and treatments to help restore the hormone levels to normal. The usual treatments are tablets and surgery but there are alternative treatments that can help alleviate discomfort such as trembling, sweating and even diet supplements to lifestyle changes.

You should never try to treat symptoms of a thyroid problem in men without seeing a doctor or from home as the majority of people will need medical care/treatment in order to solve the problem. What is needed is medical treatment to stop the thyroid hormone from being overproduced in an overactive thyroid.

The techniques, supplements and medication you will be offered will be based on your thyroid test results in conjunction with you symptoms of thyroid problems in men. Your current health, medical history and health will also be taken into account. The common treatments are:

• Radioactive iodide treatment
• Anti-thyroid medication
• Surgery

The radioactive treatment consists of a tablet or liquid being taken to damage the thyroid cells so that they are unable to produce so much of the hormone. This may be a one off treatment or more but in some cases it can cause the thyroid to produce too little needing treatment for the latter.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems In Men?

August 23rd, 2016 No comments

Thyroid symptoms in men can differ from those in women due to the genetic differences between the sexes. You can find the thyroid gland just over your collarbone at the front of your neck. It’s just a small gland, however the symptoms of thyroid problems in men can be extremely troublesome and have a big impact on your life, which is why it is important to see a GP should you experience them.


Fertility is one of the symptoms of thyroid problems in men. This can be the case whether the thyroid is hyperactive or under-active and can cause sperm to be produced that is unable to move as it usually would making it difficult to get to and fertilize an egg as it should.

With the right treatment the effects can be reversed and fertility can be restored in most cases. If the thyroid is overactive then it can cause prolactin to be over produced. Prolactin is produced in the pituitary gland and when produced in high quantities can reduce testosterone production which is necessary to produce sperm. This can in most cases also be reversed with the right treatment.

Sexual function

When the thyroids function is disturbed it can cause problems with sexual function. Hyperthyroidism can cause premature ejaculation and the inability to either get or maintain erection. It can also cause delayed ejaculation and a low sex drive. It is not known what levels of thyroid problems cause sexual dysfunction however in the majority of cases the problem can be reversed with the right treatment.

Weight changes

If your weight has changed despite your activity and diet not being altered it could be down to a problem with the thyroid. If the thyroid is overactive you will sweat more and feel hotter even when the room temperature is fine for everyone else. It can also cause trembling, anxiety and an increased heart rate. This can cause weight loss to also occur.

If the thyroid is under-active it is likely that the opposite will occur in terms of weight change. The weight symptoms of thyroid problems in men are a gain in weight. They may also experience feeling cold in a room that is an ambient or warm temperature, feel weakness, tired and find that their bowel also becomes sluggish leading to constipation. Depression is also a common symptom of thyroid problems in men.

Thyroid cancer

Although the symptoms of thyroid cancer in men are not usually apparent to begin with, they can in the later stages lead to an on-going hoarseness and difficulty in swallowing. Thyroid cancer is more common in women than men as are other thyroid problems.

If you experience any of the thyroid problems in men such as problems with erectile dysfunction or fertility, you should visit a specialist and ask them to test your thyroid. Any of the other symptoms should also be looked into by a medical professional so that you can begin treatment and start to reverse the problems that they have caused.


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